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Q: How do I download music?
A: 3 simple steps ...

  1. Click the left box or search to locate the genre, album, or mood
    you are looking for.
  2. Click Play on the track titles in middle box to preview.
  3. In the right box Sign Up or Login to download.

Q: Is it copyright free music?
A: No. In the UK we license our works via MCPS/PRS and via sub-publishers around the world. Each use of our works is licensed and a royalty is duly paid to the composer and/or artist. Any unlicensed use of our recordings is vigorously pursued.

Q: How do I become a registered user and download music?
A: You just need to click Sign Up and fill in your details.

Q: What formats can I download?
A: WAV (44.1k) or MP3 (320kbps)

Q: What if I am not based in the UK?
A: Please contact our Sub-Publisher in your country, or contact us if we have no representative to cover your area (See RATES page).